Whats mean to be a true Breeder?

A true breeder is someone who devotes time and energy to create a new generation of dogs that will be better, more physically perfect and healthier .

The true breeder works tirelessly towards this aim. The true breeder spends many hours surfing the web, analyses pedigrees, spends a lot of time near and far in dog show and all the time should educating himself.

The breeder appoint new litter for a world but is also creating a friend and companion for the future owners of these animals.
The breeding have often ups and downs but any success is motivations for good breeder. An inevitable conclusion is fact that any defeat should be teach us how to be a better breeder.

With Pointers I started in 2000 and it was long way to be a pointer breeder . For this day I can`t imagine life without Pointers. He is real companion for work , sport and like a part of my Family.


I was grow up in a country and my love to animals grow up together with me. Today I am dogs behaviour , COAPE ( Centre of Applied Pet Ethology) graduate and I would like to develop my practical behaviour ability.


Like a Pet Behaviourists I am definitely in favour a puppies stimulations and also first socializations .

So all future puppies owners obtained from me layette and an extensive report about the puppies.





Magda Karczewska